World-leading manager of preferred and capital securities

Spectrum Asset Management is a world-leading manager of preferred and capital securities, with US $20.86 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2019, which includes $3.30 billion in SMA advisory assets. Spectrum was founded in 1987 and has been a wholly owned and independently run affiliate of Principal Global Investors, a member of the Principal Financial Group®, since 2001. Spectrum has a team of twenty three dedicated investment professionals and is based in Stamford, Connecticut.

Spectrum manages portfolios of preferred and capital securities for an international universe of corporate, pension fund, insurance and endowment clients, open-end and closed-end mutual funds domiciled in the United States, Ireland and Japan, and separately managed account programs for high net worth individual investors sponsored by a variety of broker-dealers.

Spectrum has produced a record of strong performance by consistently implementing its fundamental credit-based investment philosophy, leveraging its expertise in capital structure analysis, and employing and retaining its experienced team of investment professionals.

The developed world is challenged by low growth and little inflation causing sovereign yields to be negative to mediocre with, as yet, no end in sight to rate repression – this sovereign income enigma fosters focus on and attraction to credit, quality global financials and the income premiums available in global capital securities.
— Phil Jacoby, CIO, August 16, 2019